Congratulations on taking action against belly fat and investing in the Ab Finishers Program! In just a minute, you will be taken to the secure download page where you can start using these finishers within minutes.

But first, you have a one time opportunity to upgrade to the Platinum edition Ab Finishers program.

The platinum edition includes everything in the Ab Finishers program PLUS:

Bonus # 1 – 15-Minute Metabolic Resistance Training Workouts
Craig Ballantyne has put together the most effective 15-minute MRT, MCT, and MFF workouts to serve even the super crazy busiest schedules. Get fast results with these short, yet effective workouts.

Bonus # 2 – 10 Jump Rope Ab Finishers

Using interval methods with a jump rope and some effective ab exercises with just the right combination to blast belly fat and burn calories.

Bonus # 3 – 10 Metabolic Circuit Core Finishers

I specifically wrote these for two benefits:
1) As finishers that that last longer if you’re up for the challenge
2) You can use these as stand-alone workouts when your time is tight. Metabolic circuits are the best way to burn fat when you’re tight on time.

Bonus # 4 – 10 Total Body Ab Finishers

I am a genius for naming this bonus. Get this – they are total body ab finishers. Yep, you will hit every single major muscle group and tighten your belly with these finishers

The bonuses alone are well worth over $100. As a matter of fact, the Ab Finishers platinum program is worth close to $500. But you won’t invest anything like that.

You can have the ultimate platinum Ab Finishers program and bonuses for just $67.00

Yes, I realize that this is a one time offer and I would like the Ultimate Ab Finishers Platinum Package for just $67 $67! That gives me 63 finishers, 8 weeks of workout programs, training log sheets and the exercise library!

No thanks, I’ll just take the basic Ab Finishers program for $47

Note: Due to recent statements from the FTC, it is required that we identify what a "typical" result is.  The truth: most people never do anything with the products they buy, so most of the time, their typical results are zero.  The biggest factor is you.  I’ve lost 105 lbs and I’ve worked with clients who have lost up to 70 lbs using these strategies.  The fact is, they worked hard.

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